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Oral Piercings are Your Teeth and Gums Worth It?

Oral Piercings Are Your Teeth And Gums Worth It?

I see quite a few oral piercings in my travels, including the mouths of my patients. Piercings are right on trend with barbells and studs embellishing tongues, lips, and cheeks. While oral piercings may look cool, they are not so safe for your teeth and gums.

The Dangers of Oral Piercings

oral piercings

An oral piercing is a tiny hole in your uvula, cheek, lip, or tongue. While piercings are all the rage, having your tongue, cheek, or lip pierced doesn’t come without complications.

Loss of Blood

When you have your tongue pierced, you may also deal with bleeding or blood loss as your mouth is loaded with blood vessels.


Because your mouth is filled with bacteria, infection can occur if bad bacteria should enter the bloodstream. If this happens, it could damage your heart.

Difficulty Breathing

Other complications may include a swollen tongue. Consequently,  if your tongue is swollen, it will be difficult to breathe.

Chipped Teeth

If you have stainless steel or any other type of metal in your mouth in the form of a barbell or stud, your teeth can easily break, chip or crack. Because people who have oral piercings, have a habit of playing with the jewelry they will damage teeth and gums.

Misaligned Teeth

People with pierced tongues often push the jewelry forward towards the bottom teeth. Consequently over time, this will cause the teeth to push out of position causing a change in bite.


If the jewelry should become dislodged it may get lost in your mouth. As a result,  you could swallow it, or worse yet choke. Aspirating is serious and is caused from a foreign object in your airways. .

Oral Piercings Also make it Difficult To:

• Talk
• Swallow
• Chew

Oral Piercings Can:

• Cause Drooling
• Tooth Damage
• Restoration Damage
• Tongue Damage
• Make Dental X-Rays Difficult
• Lead Serious Health Issues
• Trigger an Allergic Reaction

People who have diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, or hemophilia should not have oral piercings.

While piercings are a personal choice I recommend that you schedule frequent dental appointments with my Downtown Portland Dental Practice. With regular checkups, I can examine your teeth and gums and check for any damage your oral piercings may have caused.

Even cool looking oral piercings need to be checked. Call or click for an appointment with my dental practice in Downtown Portland today.