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Removable Appliances

When Permanent Isn't an Option

Removable dental appliances are used to protect and restore teeth and can help keep them from moving and shifting. Removable dental appliances are also used in cosmetic dentistry.

What Are Removable Appliances?

Dental appliances come in a wide variety of types that help with different issues.

If you have sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy may be a better fit, especially if you don’t like your CPAP. Nearly 80 percent of patients with sleep apnea don’t use their CPAP machine.

Dental appliances can also help with bruxim, or teeth grinding, and even TMD.

The following list represents the majority of the areas of digital dentistry all of which incorporate digital components:


  • Partial Dentures — designed to replace one or several teeth.
  • Full Dentures — needed to restore basic mouth functions and slow down bone loss.
  • Mouthguard — protects your teeth during sports activities.
  • Night Guard — to protect from bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Retainers — post-treatment option following the removal of orthodontic braces
oral appliances

Getting Started

Our dental practice can provide you with any of the removable oral appliances listed above. If you’re interested in a removable dental appliance, give us a call to schedule an appointment. A removable dental appliance can provide you with a permanent solution to many dental problems.

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